Wet hop IPA anyone?

September 6, 2017


One of the most exciting things about this journey has been the interest in our venture. The locals in Heathcote (even the wine ones) are excited about a new industry, the brewers are keen to get local produce and trial fresh hop brews, the local beer drinkers (which is a pretty large audience in Bendigo region) are excited about new flavours and more reasons to drink great beers. Even the old school farmers are curious about the 6m trellis setup and what this is all about. It’s all been super supportive and we’ve loved meeting new people and talking about this.


Matt & Spencer at Cornella Real Brewery (located at The Shiraz Republic in Cornella, Vic) are no exception and we’re stoked to have done a collaboration brew with them using our first hop harvest. Using wet (fresh but frozen) hops Damian and the boys brewed an IPA which has definite fresh hop flavours even if it is a little different to what was planned.


Check out Cornella Real's blog for more about the brew day and some happy snaps of the crew.


The upshot is that a tasty brew was made and we’re keen to share the love on September 24th at The Shiraz Republic. Join us from 12pm for beers, burgers and tunes. For details and to book click here.


There is an ever-increasing trend for hop driven beers, typified by styles such as West Coast IPA (India Pale Ale) and, more recently New England IPA. In our short time, we have received a tremendous amount of interest in wet hop brews. As wet hopped beers are relatively uncommon, there is a lot to be learned about the characters available from utilising hops whole and wet, as opposed to the normal dry pellet hops, and we are excited about working with brewers to discover the possibilities.











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