On a winch and a prayer

August 7, 2016

This tricky frame was designed and built by Damian, with help from his dad John, to allow him to get the poles in place on his own.


You can see in the clip there's an tripod mounted on a trailer with a wince and some well placed guides that work together to pull the pole into place and lift it until it drops into the hole and holds it vertical so that the hole can be back filled. There were a few nervous moments putting the first pole up with this custom designed frame but it worked like a treat! Whilst its easier with two people as there's a bit to set up, it can be managed solo. We also learnt the hard way to only attempt this work in winter if absolutely necessary.  The poles needed to be braced even once backfilled and will have to remain so until the ground dries out at fuly supports the poles weight.


Next year we'll schedule infrastrucutre works for before the ground gets too wet!






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